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diff --git a/content/posts/ b/content/posts/ @@ -93,4 +93,5 @@ and my productive is limited. I hope next week I can do a bit more stuff and hopefully fix most of the issues I have in mind to homogenize the DWARF generation. -Read about the [previous week](../d-saoc-2021-06/). +Read about the [previous week](../d-saoc-2021-06/) and the [next +week](../d-saoc-2021-08/). diff --git a/content/posts/ b/content/posts/ @@ -0,0 +1,137 @@ +--- +title: 'SAOC LLDB D integration: 8th Weekly Update' +date: '2021-11-11T15:00:00+01:00' +tags: ['saoc', 'saoc2021', 'dlang', 'llvm', 'lldb', 'debug', 'debugging', 'dwarf'] +description: "This post describes what I've done on the 8th week of the +Symmetry Autumn of Code 2021, including follow up updates on the LLVM patches, +some bug hunting, various fixes, LLVM ustream support of immutable type +qualifier and D calling convention issue." +--- + +Hi D community! + +I'm here again, to describe what I've done during the eighth week of Symmetry +Autumn of Code. Sorry for being a bit late. + +## LLVM upstream follow up update + +The following patches got merged: +- +- +- + +This includes the most important patch of the Milestone 1, which is initial +support for D demangling. After a conversation with Chris Lattner (LLVM lead +developer and creator) I managed to get acceptance on merging that change, +leaving relicensing issues aside from my task list. This also means that +minimal support for D in LLDB is now on the official tree. + +Right after the merge, I submitted a patch to Google OSS Fuzz, to start fuzzing +D demangler: . Some more patches +are maybe required, since the last docker is really out-of-date and is using +deprecated features of the LLVM build system. + +## Fixed issues and bug hunting + +### Types with wrong exported names in DWARF + +As reported in the previous week, I pushed a fix for [issue +22469]( this week, in which you +can find [here]( I also fixed a nit +specification issue, . + +So TL;DR, now debug info with DMD should report the following type names +instead: + +``` +wchar_t -> wchar +long double -> real +_Bool -> bool +long long -> long +uint long long -> ulong +imaginary float -> ifloat +imaginary double -> idouble +imaginary long double -> ireal +complex float -> cfloat +complex double -> cdouble +complex long double -> creal +``` + +### Delegates debug info now conform with the specification on LDC + +This trivial change on LDC was required in order to provide the current member +name, according to the specification: + . + +### LDC should generate type qualifier tags + +I though that LDC issues was trivial to fix, but some required upstream +support. This particular issue, is not a blocker, since only immutable tag is +missing on the upstream. So, I made a collection of patches to fix that there: +- +- +- + +You can follow up this issue +[here]( and +[here]( + +### LDC should generate column DECL attributes on debug info + +This is also an issue that requires upstream changes. I though those changes +were trivial, but apparently, they require bytecode changes. I tried to make a +fix, that is half backed +( and currently +freezed, due to lack of knowledge on bytecode read/write on the LLVM part. You +can follow up the discussion of this issue in either LDC and LLVM bugzilla: +- +- + +## Calling convention in DMD/LDC is wrong + +Calling convention in D compilers is currently behaving wrong, and we need to +fix this. + +I decided to investigate how D calling convention works, in order to thinker +with calling a function on debuggers. I thought D was using the standard +calling convention with additional features like hidden parameters for context +pointers, but I was wrong. + +I tested a few things on [godbolt](, and +realized that the parameters are passed to the CPU registers in the reverse +order. I pushed a fix on the specification, thinking that we use a custom +calling convention, since LDC is also relying on this behaviour, but apparently +all the implementations are not conformant and the specification is right. + +### What does this means in terms of debugging? + +Well, with the wrong calling convention, debuggers can't reliably call +functions and undefined behaviour happens, since the parameters are passed to +the wrong registers. This is not a blocker for what I'm currently planning, but +should definitely be fixed, in order to go forward with that feature, plus, +binaries generated by different compilers can't be reliably linked. + +You can check the specification PR I made and appreciate discussion about that +topic [here]( . + +## Other reported issues and trivial patches + +I also reported the following issues: + +- +- + +I've made some other trivial patches not worth much attention: +- +- +- +- + +## What is next? + +Regarding all these DWARF issues, I'm going to continue fixing some of them in +parallel and probably going to start implementing the D TypeSystem and +DWARFFASTParser, required for the LLDB plugin. These are things not trivial to +me, but I'm going to try to have some output. + +Read about the [previous week](../d-saoc-2021-07/).