Hi D community!

I’m here again, to describe what I’ve done during the fourteenth week of Symmetry Autumn of Code. Updates on my COVID situation: I successfully recovered from it, just feel some tiredness and lack of energy sometimes, but other than that, dry cough is now occasional and I already recovered from the other symptoms such as lack of smell and taste, and fever. Nothing to worry, from now on :)

Milestone 4 rough task list

Since the route of the project changed a bit and I had no concrete plans for the 4th milestone on my previous milestone list, I wrote some rough list of tasks to tick off during development. This list can be quite extensive, since there is a lot to integrate with LLDB. The general idea would be to adapt Clang logic and decouple it as much as possible to make that logic more language agnostic and therefore fit D or other future languages:

  • Implement DWARF basic type parsing and integration with the TypeSystem: To implement this, it is required to support the majority of the basic types not including type modifiers (only DWARF base type, DW_TAG_base_type). It is required to have a map between DType wrapper and the following LLDB enumerations:

    • lldb::Format
    • lldb::Encoding
    • lldb::BasicType

    It is also required to have some knowledge of the bit size of each basic type. Other built-in types like vectors may be skipped, if complicated to integrate at this stage.

    This enumeration mapping is responsible of formatting the output value with the right encoding, according to a certain type. From what I’m aware of and according to my knowledge on the LLVM infrastructure, this is the only thing required to get value dumping done, but some additional step may be required, in practice. I still need to understand a bit more what Dump, DumpValue, DumpSummary and other dump related methods are for.

    After this, the next step is to support other types such as:

    • Support type modifiers: To fully support types it is required to read other considered type modifiers such as pointers, typedefs (aliases) and types associated with a type qualifier such as const, immutable, …

    • Support aggregate types: Aggregate types such as structs, unions or classes need to be supported. Only simple support is desired, since stuff like inheritance can be a bit more complicated to handle. At least struct fields or base class members may be simple enough.

    • Support arrays: Not to be confused with D slices, which are technically interpreted as structs. D slices can be later recognized as native dynamic arrays, but synthetic formatters can handle it for now (work done on the Milestone 2). The idea here, at this stage, would be to support static stack allocated arrays.

    • Support other types: Other types like enumerations can be supported.

  • Implement DWARF function parsing and integration with the TypeSystem: To implement this, it is required to support DW_TAG_subprogram/DW_TAG_subroutine_type tags which is dependent of a special type for functions called subroutine types. Support D linkage is blocked due to inconsistent calling convention on both DMD/LDC implementations (see my attempt to fix it here), so C linkage should be a simple way to support it or rely on GDC implementation.

    After having support for this special type, we should implement the ParseFunctionFromDWARF DWARFASTParser override, which is responsible of parsing all the function child tags, such as formal parameters including normal parameters and variadic parameters, and inner functions (functions with the context of the parent outer function).

    I haven’t explored much about function features on LLDB, so there might be some hidden dependency I don’t know about.

LLVM upstream updates

During the development of DType mapping to lldb::BasicType, I found out that UTF-8 char basic type was missing, so I wrote two patches to implement it on the upstream:

With that in mind, I also got the missing part to make unicode8 formatting working on Clang-based TypeSystem, completing the D language plugin as well. I’ve done a partial patch to fix that in the past (D112564), so I amended it and added the requested tests to be ready to merge.

Helpers in DType wrapper for LLDB enumerations

I implemented some helpers required in the DType wrapper to make the type kind with:

  • lldb::Format
  • lldb::Encoding
  • lldb::BasicType

With that done, I started tinkering with LLDB dumping system, although, some unknown dependency is still missing (Dump functions are not being called with those helpers implemented). My guess is that some missing type information is required in order to LLDB recognize a type as, e.g. scalar type.

Type name dumping

Value dumping is not yet working, but I already got a way to dump the type name. For now it is only dumping type name for bool. The output looks something like this:

(lldb) ta v
Global variables for app.d in app:
(bool) app.bar = <No TLS data currently exists for this thread.>

app.ptr = <could not resolve type>
(bool) app.foobar =

You can consult the source code for those changes here.

What is next?

I plan to extend type name dumping to the rest of the built-in type kinds by mapping constant names to the kind enumeration. I also plan to hopefully have some output about app.foobar value. For that, I’m going to investigate the missing dependency and implement the missing logic. If that is successful, I will extend it to the rest of the built-in types.

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