Hi D community!

I’m here again, to describe what I’ve done during the eleventh week of Symmetry Autumn of Code.

LLVM upstream follow up update

Three more patches in the D demangling patch train got merged!

I joined this week on the LLVM official team to help provide maintenance on the code I introduced and planning to introduce as well as general changes made for D in the official tree.

I have 2 more patches already accepted about the demangling but I didn’t merge them yet, as I’m having some problems on running the test suite locally.

Currently, LLVM already supports special D main, simple multiple identifiers and anonymous symbols. Next step is to support basic and compound types, although I think this needs to be split up, as discussed in some patches.

Implementation of basic types and decoupling Clang-specific code

I started this week implementing basic types on the D TypeSystem, although, in the meanwhile, I found that some decoupling is needed, since the current LLDB architecture for parsing debug info has some entanglement with clang-specific structures such as the AST Context and other TypeSystem and AST related structures. I though this was something already considered, but a lot of effort on this was left behind when other languages stop being supported, like Go.

I made some patches to move that forward in the upstream:

Still about the decoupling, I found out that only DWARF Parser is reasonably decoupled, but other debug info parsers like PDB are really entangled with the Clang TypeSystem. There is no generic interface at the moment, and I plan to decouple that as well, although, it is not really a priority for me, since my main development environment is Linux. That said, I’m probably going to left Windows support as a second priority, for now.

I added those patches to the PR I created last week and continued working on it.

What is next?

I haven’t finished the type wrapper to represent a D type, due to those decoupling issues. I will hopefully finish the implementation next week and try to have some simple output on the LLDB side.

You can also read this on the D programming language forum, here, and discuss there!

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