Luís Ferreira

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Hey there, I’m a 21 years old student passioned for computers, highly motivated and interested for Free Software movement and Open Source projects. I like to develop correct and secure back-end infrastructures with the low-level power. I’m mostly proficient in D, C and C++.

I’m interested in developing compilers and parsers. I also like to tinker with highly distributed systems and develop tooling and integrate them. I’m the founder of


You can find me on github here.

To contact me via email, send a message to contact at <insert-my-domain> or if you prefer via Tor send it to lsferreira at riseup dot net.

My PGP long keyid is 0xBC4308319CE40B64. The full fingerprint is:

E2AB 2BF8 F3EC ABE2 E149 F2FD BC43 0831 9CE4 0B64

In case you can’t fetch my public key block, it is also available here.